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June 2019 Highlights

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

June was all over the map for fishing conditions. Rain, snow, hail, beautiful sunshine, high flows, and relatively low flows...we saw a little of all types of conditions. The fishing was consistently good to great, with varying tactics. Spinners were on fire during heavy muddy flows, we saw a great girdle bug eat for a few weeks, and in the end of June the bug life really started to explode on the lower reaches near Ennis Lake. PMDs, Caddis, and a variety of Mayflies were abundant and readily available to feeding trout. The dry fly fishing the last week of June on some reaches of the Madison River has been incredible. Not to mention the Salmonflies which have just showed up and are beginning their annual hatch. Already, we've had several great mornings of Salmonfly fishing. More on that in the next post, as things are just getting cranking. The top highlights for me this month was a Father's Day float with my daughter Emmylou (age 6) in the bow of the boat casting dries and watching her intense face reeling a good one in. And taking 90 year old Bob fishing for a few days and watching his excitement at superb dry fly action.


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