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2024 Rates

Madison River Float/Meadow Lake (1-2 People): $700

*Includes all gear, tackle, equipment, and lunches.

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To book a day of fishing with Justin online, check his availability calendar below. Any open days are highlighted in green. There are several options to book. Either call or email me directly (406.599.6678 or Or submit the booking form below and click the button to pay the $200 deposit (plus 3% transaction fee) which secures your day(s). You'll receive a confirmation email and the balance can be paid on the day of your trip. If a day does not show available, or you need multiple boats, call or email to book. Check out our Guided Fishing page for more details on what to expect and bring with you, cancellation policies, and more. Also, see the bottom of this page for the top 5 FAQs.


Need multiple boats or days? Don't see your date shown as available? Call or email us to book.

Booking Form

Choose an available date above (highlighted in green). Fill out the deposit form and submit. Click Pay Deposit Now button to complete your deposit. If booking multiple dates or boats, please call or email to book.


Thanks for booking! Click Pay Deposit Now to complete

Having technical issues? Just call us at 406.599.6678 and we'll book ya the old fashioned way.

Top 5 FAQs

1. What do I need to bring on my trip?

Not much! Our guide trips are designed to be all inclusive. That means we provide all the fishing equipment, lunches, and water. The only thing you need to provide is a fishing license which is easily obtained in any sporting goods store OR online via

Aside from that, we ask that you wear sunglasses. Too many flies zipping around the boat all day to risk a collision with your eyes. Also, we strongly encourage you to overdress for the day. It's better to have layers you don't use, than to need layers you don't have. Street clothes are just fine. Unless you request a wade trip, you'll be dry in the boat all day.

2. Where and when do I meet my guide for a trip?

Typically, Justin will reach out to you the day before your trip, usually in the afternoon/evening. It's then that we'll have a plan devised. Generally speaking, for peak season trips (June-September) we'll be meeting in Ennis at the Lion's Club Park at the east end of Main Street in Ennis somewhere between 7-8 AM unless otherwise noted when we speak to you.

3. How long will we be on the water?

Full day trips generally are on the water for 6-8 hours depending on conditions.

4. I've never fly fished before. Is that ok?

It's more than ok! The Upper Madison is a river tailored for beginners from drift boats and we love introducing new people to the sport! All of our guides are seasoned instructors and will spend all the time you need making sure that you are comfortable with your cast and presentation so that you will have the skills to catch some fish and enjoy a day on the river. Most guides will tell you that beginners are often preferred customers. Blank slates. Great for teaching.

5. How much should I tip my guide?

Guides are in the service industry. We pride ourselves on providing a better than average service. It is customary to tip your guide 20%, and on average we see typical gratuities in the $150-200 range at the end of each day. If you are fishing with the same guide for consecutive days and would like to tip them after your last trip, please communicate this with them on the first day. Cash is preferred, but we can add guide gratuities to your invoice at checkout if you’d like to pay with a credit card with the addition of a processing fee.

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