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Madison River Work Group

Application period open until April 23rd.

On April 1, the Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission approved the release of application materials for membership on the Madison River Work Group. The work group is a 12 member body, serving 3 year terms, that will be tasked with developing recommendations for rules to the Commission for several topics including:

  • The allocation of commercial-use trips to outfitters

  • A process to permit new outfitters on the Madison River

  • Rule language to address all recreational use on the Madison River, including the walk/wade and rest/rotation sections

  • Consequences of permit violations

You can download the application HERE.

The 12 person work group will be made up by the following:

  • 3 Commercial outfitters with Madison River Special Recreation Permits

  • 3 Non-commercial river users

  • 2 people with Madison Valley business interests that are not connected to commercial outfitting

  • 1 person trained in natural resource management not employed by FWP

  • 1 at large member

  • 1 Commissioner

  • 1 representative from the Bureau of Land Management

Applications are due by April 23, and will be reviewed by FWP staff at which point they will make suggestions on membership to the Commission who will ultimately decide who will serve on the work group. Interviews by FWP may be completed prior to making suggestions as well.

The work group is strictly advisory, meaning they simply develop recommendations for the Commission to consider. The Commission does not necessarily have to adopt any rule recommendations by the work group, but one would think that if a 12 member committee can agree on anything, it might carry a lot of weight. This will be a critical group.


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