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2022 Rates

Madison River Float or Walk/Wade Fishing (1 or 2 People; up to 8 hours, all inclusive): $550

Ennis Lake Float or Walk/Wade Fishing (1 or 2 People; up to 8 hours, all inclusive): $550

Spin Fishing

Big fish. That's what makes spin fishing so attractive. It's propensity to attract big fish is what it's all about. We certainly love fly fishing, and it will always be our primary passion here on the Madison River, but spin fishing is a guilty pleasure all anglers need to try at some point. 

Using ultralight gear, light spinners, spoons, and rapalas all with crimped barbs, spin fishing can almost be viewed as a more efficient way to fish streamers with fly gear. By covering more water, faster, you simply are able to put big attractive lures in front of more fish with spin gear, increasing the catch rate and also the big fish rate. 

The off peak seasons (January to June and October to December) are some of the best times to target big fish with spin gear. Since it's cold out during those times, it's also more comfortable. Less line management needed with spin gear. Lastly, those times also coincide with spawning seasons for both rainbow trout and brown trout on the Madison and Ennis Lake, bringing out the more aggressive larger trout. All in all, it's a darn good time and we'd like to show you!

Have questions about our guided spin fishing trips? Ready to reserve your date? Call us at (406) 599-6678, send us a message through the contact form below, or submit your deposit to hold your booking.

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