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Fishing Report for February 5, 2021

Fishing continues to be strong in the upper walk wade section above Lyons. We had a good run of warm weather coming to an end this weekend. Looks like more seasonably cold stuff coming so fishing will get challenging if not put on the backburner entirely next week. We'll see. Snowpack continues to lag behind (around 75% of average in the Madisons).

The dry fly game is coming on strong right now. Midges on the daily above Lyon's Bridge. Size 16 Griffith's Gnat or Parachute Adam's. Find some slack water. Slow pool stuff.

The Girdle Bug is far and away your best fly right now. Size 6 Black. Only need one really with these flows.

Streamer game was great recently with warm spell. White Sculpzilla worked good. Size 4. Big and heavy fly so keep it moving off the bottom.


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