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April 14 Week in Review Report

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

As you'll see in the video compilation of this week above, the weather varied from windy to snowy to rainy, back to windy, then more snow, and again very windy. Typical April here in Montana. Generally, challenging conditions for fishing, but rewarding for those willing to add layers and brave the wind. Fishing was very good this week, especially in the upper reaches of the river near Lyon's and $3 Bridge and again below Varney Bridge. The middle portion (Ruby to Varney) hasn't been fishing particularly well for us lately, but it looks really good out there with the water levels where they are, slightly above normal for this time of year. The fishing should kick up a little in that middle portion very soon.

For the most part, Ennis Lake is still a spinner game. Lots of ice around and Lake levels are very low, making for not very conducive fly fishing right now. But in the deeper portions of the lake, the spinner game is on point right now. My 3 year old son, Alex sure had a blast fishing between Cheetos and Juice Boxes.

The Channels are fishing spectacular, but with Town access and Valley Garden access still out due to ice, the closest put in is Burnt Tree, making fishing the Channels section a full day commitment. But it's worth it.

The Lyons to Ruby stretch has fished outstanding lately. Great numbers and sizes of fish up there. The best flies for us lately have been large girdle bugs, wire worms, and more girdle bugs.

Hope you enjoy the video, and get some time on the water yourselves this coming week. Spring specials still available through April 30th. $400 all inclusive full day guided fishing on the Madison. The fishing outlook is getting better everyday as the water temps keep climbing.


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